Millie the Florist

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A white plastic box full of flower pots and plants is propped up on a wooden easel. Beside it is a figure made out of different bits of metal and holding a willow basket full of leaves and greenery.

Here’s “Millie the Florist”, on display in Burstall.

Millie is made from odds and ends, including a gearbox casing from an old lawnmower for a torso and legs made from speaker stands.

The head and neck were part of a high powered long range torch.

Millie was sent in by Ann from Burstall who explains that Millie was originally part of an entry by her WI for the Suffolk Show.

Ann writes: ‘My husband taught me how to  cut metal and weld pieces together – not to exam standard!

“[It was] great fun to do and I am so pleased to be able to use her again for Suffolk Day.

One thought on “Millie the Florist

  1. I would love one to sit on our well. I would dress and pose it in different ways, depending on the time, the ambience, and the season. Our well in my garden is depicted in one of the village stories right here. … If you would enjoy a tale.


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