On Reflection…..


Here are the eleven amazing grid results by our particpants in response to the phone photo project………

I was blown away by the enthusiasm and wonderful creative images sent to us from people who were inspired by last weeks, ‘Drone In My Home’ mobile phone photography project. We also had some wonderful comments by email which I have added to the participants, grids below. Thank you very much for showing us your very personal take on the objects, places, colours and textures that make up home life during ‘lock down’. We appreciated that the project would appeal to both younger and older members of our community and as Suffolk is a very large, rural county accepted contributions as we received them.

Don’t just put your camera away! I have listed, below the grids themselves, other ways for you to develop this project idea.

Very best and stay safe, Gillian Allard x


If you didn’t get around to using the editing tools, then make this your next challenge – it is great fun and can really add a creative twist to your images; once you start I promise you it is quite additive : )

Rather than look at the ‘home’ as a whole, try choosing a single subject and look at it in as many ways and from as many angles as you can, the blooms in my garden, my pet’s routine, the view from every window in my house (perhaps at different times of day), baking a cake ‘from bowl to first bite’ etc.

Have you ever tried the opposite of drone – an ants eye view : ) It is a unique point of view and your phone camera lends itself to this point of view because you can easily hold the phone/camera at ground level while shooting and see what you are doing on the screen. Give it a go!

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