Paris has lived in the village for 12 years and agrees that Beyton is at its beautiful best in the spring. She also says there’s such a lovely community spirit around the place. Paris says, ‘I walk everyday across the fields and one of my neighbours has a tractor and he mowed all the pathways. Beyton is the sort of place where someone’s good enough to spend the time to clear a path!’

But it was a particular area of the village green – where three blossoming trees are located – that Paris kept coming back to during the creative conversation. The photo above shows the scene but NOT in spring – you’ll have to read the poem and imagine those trees in full bloom…


Our seat is near to what used to be

the old bus shelter, where

there are three blossom trees,

a dark red, a pink and a white

and they all come out together.


On Thursday nights everyone

has been congregating

by the trees near the shelter

standing apart

and clapping for the NHS.


You know everybody 

who lives on the green, their houses

mostly colour-washed white. 

The village shop on the corner 

is now Hope House and Holly Cottage


and opposite the school house,

Sideways Cottage. They can’t see 

out of their windows at the moment.

All one side, from roof

to ground, is a mass of wisteria.


Before the shutdown I’d always walk 

with Beryl, my neighbour.

She’s 87 and I’m 80 last year.

We’d walk together every day

and normally, we’d end up 


sitting on our seat. Usually

someone goes by, walking a dog

or posting a letter. They stop

and chat, and as the trees umbrella over

we put the world to rights.


Paris with Dean Parkin

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