The Falling Walnut Trees of Beyton


During our creative conversation, while we making a photo of Beyton in words, Lindsay mentioned a fallen walnut tree which she can when she looks out of her window. “It looks like creature or a hand,” she told me, “or maybe it’s like a dragon sitting in the field.” Her husband, who is a landscape gardener, cut off the outer smaller branches and just left the trunk and the roots. “And the roots,” Lindsay continued, “are up in the air, like a hand stretching upwards.” After conversation, Lindsay found a photo of the ‘clawing walnut tree’ which was happy to share…

The fallen walnut tree has been like that for a couple of years and since then more of the old trees have gone, including one that fell rather dramatically. Lindsay explains, “The other one we saw when it fell during a storm. Well, half of it did! It was about teatime, we were looking out the window but half the tree fell and the other half was left standing…”

Lindsay with Dean Parkin

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