Daffodil House


Beverley has been in Beyton for nine years, lived in Suffolk for 35 years and, before that, spent some of her childhood in Bury St Edmunds. She’s known Beyton since the 1990s when her daughter’s best friend lived two doors down from Beverly now lives, in a thatched house close to the village green.

“I have a dog, a shitsu cross called Dax, so I walk around the village every day,” Beverley told me. “It’s a friendly village so If anyone is working in their gardens they always stop and talk to you. Normally they just talk about the weather but now we’ve got something else to talk about. They ask how are you? Are you getting food supplies? Are you okay? I think as a village it’s brought us closer together.”

When I asked Beverley to think of a picture of herself in the village, it didn’t take long for this particular image to spring into her mind…


There were daffodils all along the stream

on both sides, and my house

was nestling quietly in the view.


I was walking with Dax, my shitsu cross,

a rescue dog. He’s black and white,

hair all around his face like a lion’s mane.


To our right, a whole lot of trees

and the young willows planted

along the edge of the stream.


In the background the constant drone

of the A14, heavy traffic 

driving to Felixstowe docks.


There’s the children’s playground 

where I saw the geese on the roundabout. 

I wish I had taken that photo!


The geese are a little messy and children 

don’t look where they walk but we do have

people who go out on a poo pick.


To our left, the little bridge where it floods

but on this day everything was budding

so there was a lot of green.


Dax is used to me stopping to talk.

He usually just sits and waits 

for me to move on or get out my phone


and take a photo. It was last spring 

and we were out walking, and I saw my house

was the same colour as daffodils.


Beverley with Dean Parkin

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